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Buccaneer North American Championship

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Since 1971, BNAC is where the largest collection of Buccaneer sailors will gather for a few days of competitive sailing and intensive "learning." While there we share knowledge, skills, meals, and tell some tall tales. We come together as competitors; we leave as family. 


This year’s BNAC is hosted by:

Tampa Sailing Squadron
1250 Apollo Beach Blvd.
Apollo Beach,   FL   33572

September 4th-8th, 2023



What others have said about BNAC


“The BNAC is more than just 3 days of racing. It is really a sailing camp for adults”

Jimmy Yurko


“You'll learn more about sailing and racing in 3 days at BNAC than you will in years of sailing on your own, or at small local clubs.”

Bob DeRoeck

.join in the festivities, get rigging tips, see how the other boats are set up. Everyone helps and everyone has fun. 
If you own a Buccaneer 18 Chrysler, Starwinds, Gloucester, Cardinal or Nickels you can compete. You’ll also need to join the class. Just pipe up and let this group know you are interested and they will guide you. Solo and non-competitive sorts are encouraged to join this Buccaneer hands on expo!! If you can you won’t be sorry."

Jim Irwin

"Sailing, especially with a partner, is all about synchronization. It’s about moving in harmony with the wind and the water, anticipating each other’s actions. Just like dancing, it takes practice to get those maneuvers smooth and graceful. And when it all clicks, it feels almost effortless.  Moving in concert with the wind and water brings the boat through the various maneuvers with speed and grace"
Rick Scarborough     Read Rick's inspirational tale of the 2009 BNAC Invitation to the Dance


Key rules for the Regatta


The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) (2021 – 2024) and the current Buccaneer Class Association (BCA) Racing Rules. Scoring will be in accordance with the low point scoring system (Appendix A 4) and rule 90.3. If six (6) or more races are held, a boat’s score shall be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score. If twelve (12) or more races are held, a boat’s score shall be the total of her races excluding her two worst scores.


The regatta is open to all boats of the Buccaneer 18 class entered by a current member of the BCA. 3.2. All Buccaneer 18 sailboats manufactured by licensed builders shall be entitled to compete in this regatta. Boats must be configured in accordance with the BCA Racing Rules. 3.3 A Buccaneer 18 sailboat is eligible to participate in this regatta as long as one member of the sailing team is a BCA member.


North American Championship regatta may include ‘A’ and ‘B’ fleets, contingent upon the number of competitors. Competitors will select whether to compete in the ‘A’ or ‘B’ fleet when they register. No previous winner of a Buccaneer 18 class sanctioned regatta will be permitted to compete in the ‘B’ fleet. ‘A’ and ‘B’ fleets may have separate starts.

BNAC RESULTS 1979 to 2023

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