This year we sailed the Dead Dogs & Tin Whistles Buccaneer/Mutineer Regatta hosted by the Upper Keys Sailing Club in Key Largo Florida January 12-14th.

We’ve been going there every year since 2008.(the first DDTW was in ’07)..and Upper Keys Sailing Club really knows how to put on a great show.
The regatta is unlike most you’ll attend throughout the year.  The format is somewhat conventional.  We have a distance race Friday evening, and two days of buoy racing on Saturday and Sunday….but that’s where conventional stops.
First of all…your in Key Largo…in January.  Everywhere else in the country you’re likely to be cracking ice out of your boat…and for me I had to dig the snow out to get my boat from the driveway to get there.
Key Largo January sailing is AWESOME!  It was ‘cold’ when we were there.  Friday afternoon was 80 ish degrees and Saturday/Sunday was a chilling 70…
When the wind blows…hold on for a great ride…and when it doesn’t sit back and relax in crystal clear tropical water…catch a fish from the dock..go snorkeling off the clubhouse beach.
The club members greet you like family, (the good you know, like your favorite cousin you only get to see a few times a year, not your brother who still owes you $50 from Christmas and won’t pay up 😉
The Friday distance race around Porjoe Key is our favorite.  It’s an 8 mile out & back around a small island within sight of the clubhouse.  If the wind conditions are right (and they were this year) you can get your boat up on a plane and see silly speeds as you sail along.  We start from the docks at the clubhouse & sail around the island in either direction before returning to the club.  This year’s race took about an hour, We’ve had years where we finished in 40 minutes…do that math..pretty darn fast & fun.  The winner of the Porjoe Key race takes home ‘The Captain’ , a 16″ tall statuette of Captain Morgan donated to the first event by Justin Hull…  the winner holds the Captain for a year to be returned for next year.  This year we (Kristi & Jimmy Yurko) managed to bring the Captain home…though he looks great on my desk…and I’m not sure I want to return him next year…
Friday night the fleet hit the town & celebrated the good times at Mrs. Macs kitchen (local seafood bar & restaurant)
Saturday & Sunday we did the usual racing thing..the conditions were awesome…10-12 knots of breeze, warm air, warm water…tight racing. You know, typical January stuff.
The Bucc fleet consisted of 6 boats.
  • Jenn Marbourg-Miller & Eric Gyorgy on Christopher Dragon
  • Scott Patterson & Priscilla Bradley on the boat recently known as DragonFly…this is Scott’s first Bucc which he bought shortly before the regatta…so I’m not sure if he’s going to keep the name.
  • Jimmy Yurko & Kristi Yurko (Fri) Cian Schmidt (Sat/Sun) sailing WASABI
  • Jeff Neurauter & Heather Howard on American Spirit,
  • Frank Patch & Lea Ann Noe with ‘Passing Wind’.
  • Rick Scarborough & Amy Domaratzki — Sanguine
The summary:
  •  The racing was tight, Jeff & Heather won the weekend squeaking out the tie breaker by virtue of winning 3 of the 8 races…
  • The Captain went home with Kristi & Jimmy
  • The Pig (roast) was eaten by all…
  • The home-made key lime pie won dessert..again, wow that stuff is good.
  • Camping was on site thanks to Brenda
  • and reservations were made for next January….we’re going to be there…how ’bout you?