The Ware River Yacht Club’s  VA gov cup was a great event as usual.  Located in Gloucester, VA, WRYC might seem like an unlikely spot to hold an absolutely spectacular regatta…but for over 50 years now they’ve done just that

The club had breakfast, lunch and dinner for us Saturday and Sunday.
They put genuine bubbly in the tin cups and kept the keg open well into the evening.
The party under the tent was fun, meeting up with friends from around the region telling stories until way too late Saturday night.
Saturday’s camping was remarkably cool and comfortable, and consequently I slept like a log.
The regatta had 4 Buccs in attendance, and was impressively tight racing.  We did sail in our own fleet, (though had to share the line with the Mutineer fleet (3 boats registered, 1 sailed the course) There were 7 races in total, 4 on Saturday, 3 on Sunday.  Conditions varied quite a bit due to the northern breezes Saturday and Sunday morning.  Saturday the breeze was northerly for the whole day, shifting to the east & getting lighter, making things quite interesting.  Sunday afternoon a nice 8-10 knot sea breeze filled in and conditions were absolutely perfect.
We sailed triangle courses on Saturday and windward leeward on Sunday.
Jeff & Heather won the first race by a few boat lengths, then had an unfortunate capsize on the second race resulting in the loss of their rudder.
The subsequent races were very tight.  We (Jimmy & Evan on WASABI) won the second and third race, Mike Sigmund (Scarlet Banshee) won the 4th.  Sunday race 5 was quite interesting with  very light breeze to start, and big shifts.  John Chaplinsky (Stale LAce) was leading into the finish, but we nudged them out winning by just a few inches.  Mike & Tim (Scarlet Banshee) had incredible upwind speed and point in races 6 and 7, taking the final two bullets.
The weather was perfect, the racing was excellent, we got to see dolphins & rays swimming alongside us.  I’m very glad to have made the trip, and will be back again next year.
1st Place :  Jimmy & Evan –WASABI
2nd Place: Mike & Tim — Scarlet Banshee
3rd Place: John & Megan — Stale LAce
4th Place: Jeff & Heather — American Spirit