The Buccaneer fleet won the NC Governor’s Cup this weekend for the sixth year in a row!  Erik Gyorgy and Jennifer Marbourg-Miller aboard Christopher Dragon sailed an almost perfect regatta taking the Cup.  A Buccaneer sailor also won female sailor of the regatta, Kyra Tallon, Aurora’s skipper, made all Buccaneers extremely proud and happy as she was deservingly recognized as an outstanding sailor.
Here is the distinguished list of the Buccaneers who have won the Governor’s Cup for the past 6 years:
2012 – Jimmy Yurko and Kristi Yurko
2013 – Jeff Neurauter and Carrie Quinn
2014 – Jeffrey Moore Jolie Homsher
2015 – Joe David and Katie David
2016 – Joe David and Mark Thompson
2017 – Erik Gyorgy and Jennifer Marbourg-Miller
But all the news is not good.  Shortly after the awards ceremony the Flying Scot fleet held an emergency meeting.  My sources tell me that they are hell bent on winning back the Governor’s Cup that the Buccaneers took from them 6 years ago and are preparing drastic actions to win it back.  The Flying Scots!!!!!!!  We simply cannot allow this to happen.  We need your help.  Please mark you sailing calendars now for the 2018 NC Governor’s Cup which will be held June 15, 16 and 17, 2018.  We are going to need at least 20 Buccaneers on the line to stave off the assault the Flying Scots are plotting at this very minute!
The venue is fantastic, the food is good and plentiful, and the good times roll.
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