The Leukemia Cup Regatta series is held around the country to raise funds & awareness in order to help fight leukemia and other blood born cancers.

Buccaneer sailors have raised thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) of dollars over the years to help this cause.

2015 will be no different…

Try to get out and attend one of these fun, and inspirational events…


Birmingham Sailing Club Sept 19-20:    (Birmingham, Alabama)

Besides having a justifiable pride in my home club for our friendly people and great facilities, and the obvious worthiness of the cause, I’m also proud that the whole Leukemia Cup movement started on my home lake before being taken nationwide by Gary Jobson. I’ve been lucky enough to have sailed in a half a dozen Leukemia Cup regattas around the country and am regularly reminded of how genereous the members of the sailing  community can be when they get behind a cause.

Save the date and I’ll be putting up regatta info soon. Let me know if you are thinking of coming so I can tell the regatta chair, “Order the Buccaneer Trophies, I have a fleet!”

Rick Scarborough

Sangiune #5258

Potomac River Sailing Association- Sept 19-20  (Alexandria, Virginia)

Sailing in view of the national monument on the upper Potomac river is a wonderful experience…and with a great fleet.

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