• OK..it’s almost midnight…and that reminds me that this is absolutely my favorite point in any day…..I’m going to auction off a voucher for a Southwest Airline ticket to ANY continental US destination. This voucher has a $400 face value, and I will start the bidding at $1 I love midnight..so bidding will close next SATURDAY night at midnight (12:00am July 26). I will let it go at any price, no-reserve, as 100% of the money is going to be donated to our 501c3 charitable sailing organization for youth sailors.
  • If you’re lucky..you might even get a great show like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPfya60FYo4
  • You can read anything you want about our organization/charity at http://smsailingfound.org/
  • This is a no BS bid, I have the voucher in hand, and all you need to do is
    type your bid in the comments of the Buccaneer 18 Facebook thread..
    email your bid to jimmydyurko@gmail.com…
    ……..If you’re high bidder by (12:00am July 26) you win, and a paypal link with your bid amount will be sent to you(by email), as well as the voucher (by mail)