Well, it’s been much speculation and email chatter.  The Blackbeard Sailing Club is likely to be the next haven for the Buccaneer 18.  Appropriate enough, a club named for one of the most famous pirates of all is embracing the Buccaneer 18.  Doug King took home OYB (ol’ yellow boat) yesterday after a Thursday night test sail, and is already showing it off to prospective fleet mates.

Blackbeard’s home page: http://www.blackbeardsailingclub.com/



This is great news for the Southeast Buccaneer scene, as North Carolina is already a stronghold for Buccaneers.  Just last month Carolina Sailing Club’s “Governor’s Cup” regatta garnered 20 Buccaneers and was the largest fleet at the regatta.  Expanding to Blackbeard Sailing Club is sure to be a real boost for the class.



As far as our newest mate….Doug is an expereinced sailor.  He has started, managed and expanded a very successful Junior sailing program at Blackbeard.  He knows what it takes to get a fleet going.  We’re excited to have him and his fellow pirates joind our crowd and are looking forward to crossing tacks soon.