For the last 10 or so years it has been tradition for Buccaneer sailors to head to warmer places & race in January.

First we all gathered just outside of Phoenix at Lake Pleasant, and then a few of us started heading to Key Largo.

Now over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend in January Buccaneer Sailors east and west gather to race.



For many of us, the end of the regatta is just the beginning of the next adventure.  This picture is of the sunset, leaving Key Largo after the Dead Dogs & Tin Whistles regatta.  We hung out until after sunset to leave.  We spent the last few hours of the day enjoying just a little more warm air, water and hospitality of UKSC.



This year, in addition to hitting the bar one last time, keeping tabs on the NFL playoff games and just general lounging around we decided to try to catch some fish.


We had a little luck