Freeze Your Bucc Off! is over…but as the last regatta of the 2014 season the stories are sure to go on.


We had a fleet of ten Buccaneers hit the water for this year’s event.  The weather was perfect, and the RC was right on the money.


Our first race was a race out of the creek, to the center of the river…a downwind start, and a broad reach to the finish line.  It was very exciting, as most of the fleet had to sail within inches of each other through the narrow channel out of the creek.

The second race was a two lap windward-leeward course with racers taking advantages from all over the racecourse.

The third race was a port triangle with a windward finish, and opportunities for some exciting planing downwind

The fourth race was a starboard triangle with a whole new set of challenges as people had to put their racing rules & strategy decisions in a different light as we set up for starboard mark roundings…and a windward finish.

The fifth race was a windward-leeward again, with tight racing around the course….

and the Sixth..unconventional race was the race to the bar.  This is the traditional last race of the regatta.  starting out in the river, RC set a turning mark downwind so the racers started downwind, sailed to the drop mark, and back upwind, into the creek for the finish, crews hopped off their boats ran down the dock and sprinted to the bar to claim their victory beverages.

Fun is the name of the game at SMSA… and Bucaneers are right at home here.


Freeze Your Bucc Off Upwind


1st: 5273 Christopher Dragon   Eric Gyorgy & Jenn Miller,                           7 pts, 1,1,(2),2,1,2
2nd: 5264 Lunatic,                        Gus Rappold & Kyra Tallon                         11 pts, (4),2,1,1,4,3
3rd: 5221 Dragonfly,                     Scotty Roland & Tim O                                 22 pts, 5,6,4,(7),3,4
4th: 5102 The Tyrant                    Michelle & Mike Major                                 23 pts, 2,(8),8,5,2,6
5th: 5229 Irene,                              Nic Bogren & Jeff Neurauter                        24 pts, (9),3,5,4,5,7
6th: 5225 Red Ryder,                     Jeremy Sholovitz & Nichole Doub             24 pts, (6),4,6,3,6,5
7th: 5261 Francenbucc,                Jimmy Yurko & Doug Hays                         28 pts, 7,5,7,8,(11),1
8th: 520 Wasabi,                            Shayne Douglas & Les Griffith                  28 pts,    3,7,3,(9),7,8
9th: 3705 OYB                                 Phillip Weiser & Curt Unangst                  41 pts, 8,9,(10),6,9,9
10th 5275 Dragonarse                  Evan Scott &  Dan Williams                       47 pts, (10),10,9,10,8,10