Buccs and Jets



The Easter Buccy Regatta is a different kind of regatta.  With 6 Buccaneers racing in the varying conditions around the cove under incoming jets anything is to be expected.

Not the least different of sorts is the on the water Easter egg hunt race.  The race committee had stashed Easter eggs around the racecourse and sailors were to approach them from any direction to pick Easter eggs out of the buckets for bonus points in the regatta.



This year’s Easter Buccy regatta was won by Jeff Neurauter and his crew Carrie Quinn, who as usual were extremely fast in every direction.




Annabelle Yurko (far left) got to race in her first Buccaneer races at Easter Buccy.  She hasn’t reached 3 years old yet, but has reached her first on the water Easter egg hunt.  Convincing her that all boats don’t have Easter eggs may be a challenge from now on…




Matt Martelli  came out with a newly restored No-Problems and had a great day, winning the Easter egg hunt race and keeping dry.



Bob Harford and Lindsay Bach sailed in their first Bucc race of the season.




Nichole and Mark reach for an egg at the green bucket, looks like they may have dropped one!lightairandspinnakers


The wind strength was up and down throughout the day, causing crews to shed layers, and in this case…crew!  Jimmy, light of crew pulls ahead of Aurora and Kick-Em-Jenny during a light spell.  The reflections are cool to see though.