Junior BNAC Grant Announcement ­ Febraury 3, 2014

The Buccaneer Class shall contribute $500 to one Junior team
who will use this grant to attend the Buccaneer 18
Championship Regatta ­ BNAC ­ in Dillon, Colorado ­ August 4-­8, 2014.
The National Committee of the BCA shall select a team from those
who send a request to the BCA Commodore Jimmy Yurko stating:

1. How the grant will be used to help the team prepare, travel or
support its efforts to compete in the BNAC for the
Junior Buccaneer Championship.

2. Who are the team members, their ages and sailing experience.

3. Who are the adults, parents or organization that will assist
the team in planning, attending and competing..

4. How will money be raised to pay for the remaining costs
of attending the regatta.

5. How far will the team need to travel to attend the regatta.
What boat will the team will be using.
The award of the grant will be based upon the needs of the team
and the distance from the venue. The team winning the grant will
be selected from the teams who have submitting a grant request by

April 30, 2014.
Email address to send requests and questions: