Here are some of my notes on a great weekend.


first of all I would like to thank the BCN nation for stepping in and helping with a none boat related repair.  Frank the tool man Hunter, Brett the organizer Auer, Patrick the parts runner,  John the wrench turner and WCSC for supplying the beer .  The new brake caliper worked great on the way home!


Friday Nikki and I arrived a little later than the rest to WCSC — traffic in Charlotte – But the beer was cold the parking spot was almost level a great time was had by all catching up.


Saturday dawned  cold a little raining, it warmed up quickly but rain/drizzled/overcast most of the day,  After a great breakfast, we launched and headed for the race course winds blowing around 8 or so and steadily increase with gusts.

The first race saw Rick S, take the checkered flag with places 2,3,4 over lapped nose (2) to shroud (3) down wind boom length apart ,  I think Mark, Jimmy, Tom was the order.

Race Two/three saw very close racing with places only sorting them out at the finish line. With Rick, Jimmy, Ronnie, Tom, Mark, Brett, Derrick, Frank, Jim W,  all duking it out for each hard fought placement.

While these races were going on the waves had begun to build to steady white caps and some pretty substantial surfing kind of waves.

The fourth race saw the same close competition for the race with Jimmy pulling away by the last windward mark leaving the rest of us to have at it on the downwind run to the finish.  rounding the mark Rick, Ronnie, Tom, Brett with Mark hot on the trail  Weed killer split to port right away looking for a different lane.   One huge gust of wind and Killer was off on a wild right that almost lasted (not really) to Jimmy’s transom.

Sunday dawned really cold but sunny and warmed up fast.  the races began in an interesting 5 with holes increasing to 7 with big holes, that showed that local knowledge was king. Derek was off , closely followed by Ronnie and the rest of us watch in horror as  they pulled away.  But then the next wind shift and Brett was leading, and then Jimmy and then Rick, should I continue?  At the finish of race 5 Weed killer finished  ahead of, Catharsis, Sanquine, Jimmy the Red, and Vespula I think in that order.  The taking down of the chute and going into sail high close.reach mode paid off.

Race six started in a dying  breeze and bigger holes, Finding the right patch as Ronnie proved was king.  With fleet looking like a slinking short spread out short spread out we made way around.   Vespula with finish honors in this one.


At the end we Had Sanquine in first, Weedkiller 2nd (because of the tie breaker) Jimmy the Red 3rd because of the tie breaker, Vespula in fourth.  the results have not been posted yet but I believe 1-5 was a spread of 4/5 points.


The biggest winner however Hospice of the Carolina’s $60,900.00 raised!  Our very own Rick Scarbough  picked to represent WCSC at the National Hospice Regatta.  Congratulations to Rick!


Thanks to WCSC for hosting a great time


If I misspelled anything – sorry – not  one of core skill traits



Bucc 18 Fleet



Sail No


Boat name








1st 5258 Rick Scarborough Sanquine 1 1 2 4 3 5 16
2nd 5270 Tom Wille Weedkiller 5 3 5 2 1 2 18
3rd 2332 Jimmy Yurko Red Baron 3 4 1 1 6 4 19
4th 5268 Ronnie Ashmore Vespula 4 2 4 3 5 1 19
5th 5209 Mark Gyorgy Kick’em Jenny 2 8 3 5 4 7 29
6th 3483 Derek Lord Catharsis 7 6 7 8 2 3 33
7th 5277 Frank Hunter Dodger 8 9 6 6 8 8 45
8th 5062 Brett Auer Wicked Witch 9 7 9 7 7 6 45
9th 5273 James Whited Christopher Dragon 6 5 8 10 DNF 10 DNS 10 DNS 49