This year’s host for the cup will be Southern Maryland Sailing Association, Solomons Island MD 20688

SMSA is a great venue to sail, friendly club, with good food, good friends and a great party.

The SMSA Buccaneer fleet is large, friendly and accomodating.   We have lots of locals who will gladly host you and your crew at this fine event…no hotel required…just come and have fun.

For this year’s event we can expect to see a Buccaneer fleet of approximately 15 boats…so don’t miss out.

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A little history about the cup:


Deed of Gift for MacAlpine-Downie/Gibbs Cup


New Award and Competition To Honor the Designers of the Buccaneer 18


Established in 2005 by Scott Laundry


In 1967, the partnership of Rod MacAlpine-Downie and Dick Gibbs created the Buccaneer 18. Since then over 5000 Buccaneer 18’s have been built, and production continues today. Rod passed away in 1986, but Dick continues to be involved and support the design. Rod, Dick, their partnership, and their contributions deserve our appreciation and recognition.


This recognition should take a form that reflects and supports the spirit of one-design sailboats. It should also acknowledge those that help sustain the Buccaneer design. To this end a new tradition is being established that includes an annual one-design regatta and an annual award for distinction.


The Buccaneer one-design competition will be named for MacAlpine-Downie/Gibbs. The names of the captain and crew that win the regatta shall be recorded on a perpetual plaque. The winners will have the honor of holding the plaque until the next competition. The time and location of the MacAlpine-Downie/Gibbs Cup Regatta shall be at the discretion of the BCA Commodore. The regatta will be a venue other than the Buccaneer North American and Mid-Winter championships and will be designated a class-sanctioned regatta. The hope is that this will serve as a high profile regatta that can help foster or acknowledge growth. It may also serve to provide geographic balance.


One-design racing helps sustain our class but so do dedicated people that help it survive and thrive. Some Buccaneer sailors directly reflect Dick Gibb’s dedication to the preservation of the design. Others plow energy into the Buccaneer Class Association and the Buccaneer Community at large. Some ensure the continued success of the class by nurturing the Buccaneer spirit that is part Corinthian, part pirate, and mostly fun. While many contribute, there are usually a few who stand above. Each year one of these Buccaneers will be designated the “Cup-Bearer” for the MacAlpine-Downie/Gibbs Cup.  The BCA Commodore will select the Cup Bearer for distinction and contribution to Buccaneer sailing. The Cup Bearer will have his or her name recorded on the perpetual plaque. The Cup bearer will also retain the award cup for the year.


In a nod to Rod’s Scottish roots a Scottish quaich (pronounced quake) has been chosen for the award cup.  The quaich is a shallow drinking vessel that is traditionally used to offer a drink of welcome and farewell to travelers. It is sometimes called a “cup of friendship”. The quaich is ideal for an award to be associated with Buccaneers gathering from afar and for honoring friends.


Suggestions for recognition of sailors and possible venues for the competition are welcome. It is hoped that the MacAlpine-Downie /Gibbs awards will foster good competition while honoring the originators of the Buccaneer 18 and those that perpetuate its continued success.