The winds for day 4 of the Buccaneer 18 North American Championship regatta (BNAC)  were quite a bit lighter on day 4 (friday)

The forecast was for thunderstorms…but none materialized until 9:o0pm, providing plenty of time for good racing.

The regatta held at Fort Walton Yacht Club, member of the Gulf Yachting Association.

With Thunderstorms developing all day and pushing the sea breeze down…coupled with an early start (10:00 am) the racing in the BNAC on day four was extremely challenging.


Hunter Riddle owner of Schurr Sails won the “A” fleet, showing just how important it is to be good in a variety of challenging conditions and Jim Whited of Southern Maryland Sailing Association won the “B” fleet and is forever BANISHED to the “A” Fleet…

Full results for the BNAC racing can be found :

Next Year’s BNAC will be held during the first full week of August  on Lake Dillon, Colorado.