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Welcome to the Buccaneer 18 Class. The Buccaneer is fun & fast. This simple sloop is a blast to sail, and easy to maintain. The Buccaneer Class is friendly and family oriented. Here you will find all the resources you need to enjoy the Buccaneer.


  • Great Class for Daysailing or competitive Racing
  • Fast Planing Hull Design
  • Sloop Rig, Roller Furling Jib
  • Integral Spinnaker Launch Tube
Experience Sailing Harmony

Nomination Period for National Committee Officers is now Open!


The Online Nomination period or three National Committee positions is now open.   The Closing date is 10/11/15.


The Positions are:


  1. Secretary/Treasurer


  1. Publicity Chair


  1. Membership Chair


The Position descriptions and responsibilities are described in The Buccaneer Class Constitution.


Our current Secretary/Treasurer, Tony Chapman has agreed to serve for an additional two years.


Additionally our current Publicity Chair, David Neely has agreed to serve for an additional two years.


The National Committee endorses both of them for these positions and is seeking a nomination for each along with a second.  Please show your support as well be Nominating them and  making a Second for each.


We need to also Nominate and Second a Class Member that will serve on the National Committee as the Membership Chair.


Please discuss this with your fleet members and help us fill this Chair position by Nominating someone who will accept this position.


Voting will commence on 10/12/15 and close on 10/25/15 in a separate posting


Thank you,


Larry Schmida


Buccaneer Class Association Commodore


Schurr Fall Sails Sale

Schurr Fall Sale

Buccaneers Racing to fight Leukemia

The Leukemia Cup Regatta series is held around the country to raise funds & awareness in order to help fight leukemia and other blood born cancers.

Buccaneer sailors have raised thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) of dollars over the years to help this cause.

2015 will be no different…

Try to get out and attend one of these fun, and inspirational events…


Birmingham Sailing Club Sept 19-20:    (Birmingham, Alabama)

Besides having a justifiable pride in my home club for our friendly people and great facilities, and the obvious worthiness of the cause, I’m also proud that the whole Leukemia Cup movement started on my home lake before being taken nationwide by Gary Jobson. I’ve been lucky enough to have sailed in a half a dozen Leukemia Cup regattas around the country and am regularly reminded of how genereous the members of the sailing  community can be when they get behind a cause.

Save the date and I’ll be putting up regatta info soon. Let me know if you are thinking of coming so I can tell the regatta chair, “Order the Buccaneer Trophies, I have a fleet!”

Rick Scarborough

Sangiune #5258

Potomac River Sailing Association- Sept 19-20  (Alexandria, Virginia)

Sailing in view of the national monument on the upper Potomac river is a wonderful experience…and with a great fleet.

read more and register at: http://potomacriversailing.org/


2015 Special Buccaneer Awards


Buccaneer Class Association

2015 Special Trophies

In 2005 a new Award and Competition were initiated by Scott Laundry to honor the designers of our boat, the Buccaneer 18.



2015 Rod Macalpine-Downie & Dick Gibbs Trophy

The Buccaneer one-design Competition will be named for MacAlpine-Downie/Gibbs.  The names of the captain and crew that win the regatta shall be recorded on a perpetual plaque.  The winners will have the honor of holding the plaque until the next competition.  The time and location of the MacAlpine-Downie/Gibbs Cup Regatta shall be at the discretion of the BCA Commodore.  The regatta will be a venue other than the Buccaneer North American and Mid-Winter championships and will be designated a class-sanctioned regatta.  The hope is that this will serve as a high profile regatta that can help foster or acknowledge growth.  It may also serve to provide geographic balance.



This year’s MDG Trophy will be awarded by the Kenosha’s Fleet 15 at the August 15th & 16th Kenosha WI Regatta.  Fleet 15 is the expected host of the 2016 BNAC and this will be a great way to get a feel of Lake Michigan.  In subsequent years, the MGD Trophy will be awarded by the Fleet that will be the host of the next BNAC.



2015 Rod Macalpine-Downie & Dick Gibbs Cup (aka The Quaich)

One-design racing helps sustain our class but so do dedicated people that help it survive and thrive.  Some Buccaneer sailors directly reflect Dick Gibb’s dedication to the preservation of the design.  Others plow energy into the Buccaneer spirit that is part Corinthian, part pirate, and mostly fun.  While many contribute, there are usually a few who stand above.  Each year one of these Buccaneers will be designated the “Cup-Bearer” for the MacAlpine-Downie/Gibbs Cup.  The BCA Commodore will select the Cup Bearer for distinction and contribution to Buccaneer sailing.  The Cup Bearer will have his or her name recorded on the perpetual plaque.  The Cup bearer will also retain the award cup for the year.

In a nod to Rod’s Scottish roots a Scottish Quaich (pronounced quake) has been chosen for the award cup.  The Quaich is a shallow drinking vessel that is traditionally used to offer a drink of welcome and farewell to travelers.  It is sometimes called a “cup of friendship”.  The Quaich is ideal for an award to be associated with Buccaneers gathering from afar and for honoring friends.



The 2015 Quaich will be awarded at the 2015 BNAC’s hosted by Fleet 69 in early October.  The “Cup Bearer” will be selected by the BCA Commodore.   However I would truly appreciate your input, please send your thoughts to me at bcacommodore@gmail.com or Lschmida@gmail.com .



J.R. (Rod) Macalpine-Downie

By Dick Gibbs, his design partner (beginning in 1964).
(from Buccaneer website)

J.R. (Rod) Macalpine-Downie
Born, Appin, Argyll, Scotland.
Gained his interest in sailing and science from his father, an offshore sailor and specialist in hypervelocity artillery shells and armor to resist his newest weapon.
Rod won the King’s Scholar Award at Eaton. He majored in biology and seriously considered a career as a concert violinist. One of his professors at Eaton said he remembered him well, because an IQ can be accurately tested to 170, but his: went off the scale. While chicken farming in Scotland in 1961, he saw a Shearwater Cat and although he never designed a boat, concluded he could do a better job. The first boat was Thai MK4 which won all six races of the 1962 European, “one of a kind” regatta. He followed that with the winning of the first International Catamaran Challenge in 1963, and had seven more consecutive wins. He was the first with the UNA rig and wing masts. A series of crossbow designs won 5 consecutive competitions. Players Fastest sailboat, Trophies at a top official speed of 41 knots, the last of which sailed in 1984, unofficially at 60+ knots. At the time of his death, a new crossbow was underway, which he believed was capable of 70+ knots. The partnership with Dick Gibbs in 1964 put 80 boats in to commercial production, resulting in 15,000+ boats. Of all his designs, it is probably the BUCCANEER that ended up being the most popular and commercially successful.
Dick Gibbs
American boat builder and designer best known for his partnership with Rod Macalpine-Downie. The Gibbs Boat Company was located near Toledo Ohio. (Destroyed by fire 1n 1961 and then re-established in La Salle Michigan.) Besides a number of other boats, Gibbs was building a number of racing catamarans and it was probably at this time that the partnership began. Gibbs Boat Co. was purchased by MFG sometime around 1972 and Gibbs became the head of the SailMFG division. Gibbs also had his own sail loft where the sails for a number of the MFG models were made. After SailMFG was closed and sold in about 1979, Gibbs and Macalpine-Downie developed a number of boats for Chrysler Marine. The most successful of these was the BUCCANEER 18. The 2 worked together until Macalpine-Downies untimely death in 1986.


Bucc Sailors raise $ for Youth Sailing!

Virginia Governor’s Cup less than a month away!

The NOR is posted, we’re working with the club to get online registration..but in the mean time…plan on coming to one of the mid-atlantic region’s premier Buccaneer sailing venues.



VA Gov Cup

This regatta has been home to the Buccaneers for a long time.  This is Harry Sindle’s home club.  (Yes, Harry, who built the Buccaneer for over 20 years!) This club has hosted several Buccaneer North American Championships, The Buccaneer 18 “Macalpine-Downie Gibbs Regatta” and…….


is just all around a fun place to visit & sail.


Hope to see you there.

Blackbeard Sailing Club starts a Buccaneer Fleet!

Well, it’s been much speculation and email chatter.  The Blackbeard Sailing Club is likely to be the next haven for the Buccaneer 18.  Appropriate enough, a club named for one of the most famous pirates of all is embracing the Buccaneer 18.  Doug King took home OYB (ol’ yellow boat) yesterday after a Thursday night test sail, and is already showing it off to prospective fleet mates.

Blackbeard’s home page: http://www.blackbeardsailingclub.com/



This is great news for the Southeast Buccaneer scene, as North Carolina is already a stronghold for Buccaneers.  Just last month Carolina Sailing Club’s “Governor’s Cup” regatta garnered 20 Buccaneers and was the largest fleet at the regatta.  Expanding to Blackbeard Sailing Club is sure to be a real boost for the class.



As far as our newest mate….Doug is an expereinced sailor.  He has started, managed and expanded a very successful Junior sailing program at Blackbeard.  He knows what it takes to get a fleet going.  We’re excited to have him and his fellow pirates joind our crowd and are looking forward to crossing tacks soon.


Buccaneers Take the Cup!

For the 4th year in a row the Buccaneer fleet has taken the coveted “Governor’s Cup” at the Carolina Sailing Club’s 57th annual Governor’s Cup regatta.  20 Buccaneers registered (17 sailed) for this regatta this weekend.

The Fleet at Carolina Sailing Club is spectacular.  Thanks to the tireless promotion of the sport by fleet members such as Mike Sigmund & Tom Wille, this is one of the fastest growing Buccaneer fleets in the country.

Mike loaned his boat “Scarlet Banshee” to Joe David for the regatta, and Tom served on Race Committee, as well as hosted many of the fleet members at his house for the pre and post race parties.

The regatta this past weekend was really something special.  The weather forecast was for temperatures in the mid 90’s with high humidity and light breeze.  For a regatta with 85 boats in attendance, on an inland reservoir, that could have been a sign of death…  However, the wind rolled in just in time to race.  We had rather steady breezes around 10 knots both days ( a little lighter on Saturday, a bit more on Sunday) which made the course very fun & lively with plenty of opportunity for all the fleet members to show off their skills.

Jeff Neurauter on his shiny new boat “American Beauty” took the first bullet of the regatta.  This was then followed by a sweep by CSC’s youngest skipper in fleet Joe David, who showed very impressive boat handling and strategy. The fleet was deep with talented sailors.  If you review the results you’ll see many of the top finishing boats had some pretty deep (high #) scores for the regatta.  This shows just how stiff the competition was.

The courses were rather long, approximately 1 hour per race, and the finishes were loaded with overlapped clusters of boats, and all the mark roundings were full of excitement.

photos of the regatta can be seen here:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/106538423354133865466/posts


Full Results:  http://www.regattanetwork.com/event/9280#_newsroom+results


North Carolina Governor’s Cup This WEEKEND!

We have 18 Buccs registered, sailing on the border of Virginia and North Carolina. There is still room on the starting line if you want to join us! A Bucc has won the Governors Cup three years in a row with large turnouts.

Sara Paisner's photo.
Sara Paisner's photo.

Buccaneer Surfing…

the video might be a little shaky…but thats how it was….

We took Buccaneer 5006 “Incognito” out for a joyride after the weekly races…air was big, waves were fun..


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