Buccaneer 18 The Sailing Experience


Welcome to the Buccaneer 18 Class. The Buccaneer is fun & fast. This simple sloop is a blast to sail, and easy to maintain. The Buccaneer Class is friendly and family oriented. Here you will find all the resources you need to enjoy the Buccaneer.


  • Great Class for Daysailing or competitive Racing
  • Fast Planing Hull Design
  • Sloop Rig, Roller Furling Jib
  • Integral Spinnaker Launch Tube
Experience Sailing Harmony

Easter Buccy Blown off the water…but not out…

With wind gusts in the 40+ knot range, and water temperatures not a whole lot above freezing we opted to refrain from sailing at this year’s Easter Buccy regatta.

That was far from the end however.  We moved the party from the marina to Casa de Neurauter (Jeff’s House) and had a great BBQ.

Of course there was the issue of what to do with the wonderful trophies that were skillfully crafted by our host (Jeff)…

And the Land-Sailing games began.

We had relays, knot tying, egg scavenging..pirate Arg’s and Rum!

Of course as with any spirited contest there were casualties….but the E.R. and paramedic folks sure seemed to enjoy writing “Three Legged Race” on the “cause of injury/description of incident” blank…

In the end, it was another great event at PRSA.  With an ever growing fleet of Buccs (9 ready to go this day), we’re in for a heck of a season!



NC State Sailing Team Captain gets a little Bucc experience…


Our team captain, Paulina Spencer, and a freshman Mark Thompson are in the boat. Got the spin up!


11021439_10152768456020267_7835869322883903195_o 11083946_10152768455915267_4429563594508631775_o

BNAC Student Rush is ON!!!!

The NC State sailing team is gearing up for the Bucc Racing season.

The club racing program at NC state is a great program that introduces students to sailing opportunities in a variety of formats.  The program has everything from beginner sailors to inter-collegiate racers.

Now they have Buccaneers!

Student Rush Crossing Tacks


Due to a partnership between members of the sailing program at NC State, and regional fleets in both North Carolina and Maryland the team now has two active sailing Buccaneers.   They participate in weekend club series at Jordan Lake near Raleigh, NC.  They also use the boats to introduce new sailors to the sport and the class.

Judging by the faces on these students…they’re enjoying the ride!

Student Rush laugh


Easter Buccy Regatta 2 days away!

The first Buccaneer regatta on the Potomac river this season is this Saturday.  One day before Easter, this unconventional regatta, featuring an on-the-water Easter egg hunt will be here.

This year we’re anticipating some new faces at this years event as the PRSA Buccaneer fleet is has spawned some new activity…

Here’s a pic of Katherine “Kat” Martin’s recent purchase of her first Bucc which she proudly posted to Facebook….

We anticipate seeing Kat, along with her new Bucc out on the water this weekend.  In addition to Kat, PRSA has added Nic Brogen to the fleet who purchased a nice used Nickels Buccaneer in December.


No matter what all crews (new and old) are sure to have a great time at this regatta.

Stay tuned for post race follow up.

Buccaneers Racing on the Connecticut River 2015

The Buccaneer Class has once again been invited to race on the Connecticut River Race….

This is a Dinghy Distance Race  from Eagle Landing State Park in Haddam, CT to a turning mark at Calves Island to the finish south of Brockway Island in Essex.


Check out their Facebook Page: Here!


Prepare for the Gathering

The Gathering of the Rogues at Pirates Cove in Josephine Alabama is coming up soon……



If you’re looking for the perfect trip to get out in the sun (especially if you’re locked in a cold winter freeze way up north)

the Gathering is a great opportunity for you.

The Gathering of the Rogues is pure fun.  Get out of town;  sail your boat, hang out on the beach, hit the bar, have a burger, hang out with friends by the fire.  You’re hard pressed to find a better way to spend a day than at the gathering.

Don’t believe me?  check out the videos… ask around.



After Regatta Sunsets…….

For the last 10 or so years it has been tradition for Buccaneer sailors to head to warmer places & race in January.

First we all gathered just outside of Phoenix at Lake Pleasant, and then a few of us started heading to Key Largo.

Now over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend in January Buccaneer Sailors east and west gather to race.



For many of us, the end of the regatta is just the beginning of the next adventure.  This picture is of the sunset, leaving Key Largo after the Dead Dogs & Tin Whistles regatta.  We hung out until after sunset to leave.  We spent the last few hours of the day enjoying just a little more warm air, water and hospitality of UKSC.



This year, in addition to hitting the bar one last time, keeping tabs on the NFL playoff games and just general lounging around we decided to try to catch some fish.


We had a little luck

News from Dead Dogs & Tin Whistles

DEAD DOGS & TIN WHISTLES: Five races Saturday in 12+Kts, one Sunday in 4-7 kts after bobbin’ and bakin’ from 11 to 12. Everyone had a great time! The best thing about these sailors is how much they all want to help each other. Yarda and Marian Solc turned back in the Porjoe Key race to assist Jim and Margaret Davis, who had capsized and turtled and were unable to right their boat. Marian Solc had to get in the water to help them. Jimmy Yurko had a spare rudder for Frank and Leeanne Patch so they could go out today after busting theirs yesterday in the first race and swamping so bad they had to be towed in. Two spinnaker poles broke, a couple of spinnakers blew apart. But everyone helped and everyone got back on the water for Sunday’s floater! Results in photo.

Hunter Riddle & Terry Warren win DDTW

The 8th annual Dead Dogs & Tin Whistles was won this weekend by Hunter Riddle & Terry Warren.  They sailed an extremely consistent regatta rarely relinquishing the lead for even a leg.  At the end of the regatta their drop was a 2nd!

There will be many more stories coming from this regatta as it was, as always a fun time for Buccaneer & Mutineer sailors and friends.



Buccaneer Racing This Weekend! Midwinter Regatta and More!

Buccaneers will be racing this weekend in both Key Largo Florida and on Lake Pleasant in Arizona.

 2015 Birthday regatta at Lake Pleasant

The Arizona Yacht Club will host the 2015 Birthday regatta at Lake Pleasant.  This is the Buccaneer 18 Class Association Mid Winter Championship for 2015

details can be found: http://arizonayachtclub.org/2014/12/next-event-2015-birthday-regatta/

birthday regatta



The Dead Dogs & Tin Whistles regatta

will be at Upper Keys Sailing Club in Key Largo Florida.  This regatta consists of 3 days of racing.  Friday is an 8 mile distance race around Porjoe Key with the winner taking home the prized “Captain Morgan” trophy.  Saturday and Sunday are fleet racing.  This weekend’s weather forecast for buttonwood sound is showing 10-15 knot breezes for all three days.  Should be very exciting sailing.

More details on the regatta:  http://www.upperkeyssailingclub.com/DDTW.html


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